Queen/Spencer Sewer Replacement



As part of the Toledo Waterways Initiative (TWI) Program, Mr. Hoff served as the project manager overseeing the detailed design of roughly 1,800 LF of new 42” sanitary sewer to replace an existing 38” brick interceptor that is in very poor condition. The condition of the existing pipe was discovered during cleaning and CCTV efforts completed within the Swan Creek North Improvements of the TWI Program, another project designed and supported by our local office. Following the discovery of the condition of the existing pipe, Mr. Hoff worked closely with the City to develop a concept plan and estimates for OPWC funding. This project was bid and awarded in the amount of $1.76MM and reached final completion in October 2016, with a final change order deduction.

cso 012 sewer separation - phase a



Mr. Hoff served as project manager and technical advisor for Phase A of the CSO 012 Sewer Separation project for MSDGC. The intent of the project is to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSO) through a combination of sewer separation, in-line and side-line storage, and volume reductions through green and grey infrastructure. The scope of the project involved evaluation of feasible alternatives, developing the detailed design of a conveyance and storage system that may be undertaken incrementally in multiple phases. At the completion of Phase A, the project will consist of approximately 3,200 linear feet of 12’x12’, 12’x10’, 10’x10’ & 10’x8′ box conduit, including a 7.50 Ac-ft detention basin and construction of over 2000 linear feet of surface drainage and sanitary sewers. The system will detain approximately 4.5 million gallons during a 100-yr storm and provide the backbone for a 174 MG typical year CSO reduction at project build out. Significant challenges included the design coordination for the placement of 800 LF of 12’x10’ box installed via open cut under I-75, as well as another 1,100 LF at depths in excess of 35’ through a historical residential area.



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